Experience of use Denta Seal

Your story is what said Greta Bremen. The girl gave her feelings and told, such as toothpaste Denta Seal helped to get rid of an increased sensitivity of the teeth, dental plaque and dental caries.

Experience испльзования Denta Seal

Teeth – this is my controversial subject. The entire life I went to the doctor, and in moments of despair, even oblivious to the fact that all your delete and put dental implants. But once advised me to try pasta Denta Sealthat became , for me, the true savior!

As I all life was due to problems with the teeth

The problem, he left me inheritance – both parents were bad the teeth. And despite the fact that the mother since the childhood, was trying to do it all for me this problem is ignored, yet the result has not brought. I remember how I would like sweet, шоколадок and cakes, but the only my dessert was a carrot. My mother decided to eat me as much as I want to, this type, and the sweetness, and the massage of the gums. Sugar the mother put it to me, even in tea, on holidays they decided to eat the candy, and soon had to go brush her teeth.

Every six months, the mother led me on inspection to the dentist, and I always had to deal with, despite the fact that the hygiene of the oral cavity was to me is familiar from childhood. The only advantage маминых of commitment was that, already being the adult, I was приучена to give due attention to the health of the teeth, and I had absolutely no fear of the dentist. I'm so used to seeing all these tools, you hear the sound of the dental burrs and the smell of burnt enamel, which, well, I was exactly the does not scare.

As a child I thought that when I grew up, I let me eating the entire pie and sweet I'm going to eat every day, and, in general, forget about the dental clinic, but the reality was another. Increased sensitivity of the teeth does not allow me even to talk on the phone in the street, that is not what I want to eat sweets or drink hot drinks. Yes, and in the chair of a dentist I was a frequent visitor, so forget it, could not.

Once a doctor suggested to me to do реминерализацию. When I left the clinic and called me on the phone to the husband, I could talk with him directly. For me this was an incredible happiness, that I was just going home in his wings. For the first time in many years I could drink a mug and aromatic strong and, the main, the coffee hot, and not just the coffee, and the coffee with the ice cream. It was a true feast, a pity only, the happiness was short-lived. It is, literally, a couple of weeks, and everything fell into place. Many times doing a similar procedure I was not possible, and, in general, I started to live from a visit to a visit to the doctor.

As a bit of unhappiness, they helped me find a huge happiness

One day, while he was on a business trip, I have so much разболелся tooth, which I had to enter the location of the clinic. Tooth полечили, proposed cleanup, as well as the stone accumulated. And I accepted it. After taking the measures of dentist recommended me a toothpaste Denta Sealto keep for more time the effect of the hygiene procedures and get rid of the transparency of the enamel on the edges of the teeth. When I complained that the teeth are very sensitive, he said that the guilt of small cracks in the enamel of the lack of minerals, and that this mass – the best help in this matter, since daily use will be constantly пломбировать these deficiencies.

Honestly, I believed that with difficulty. Still, it is a thing remineralization professional clinic and another normal toothpaste. That way he is able to get rid of violations of integrity of the enamel? Well, as I only needed the masses, and what I ranged in a permanent way, bought the one that counseled the doctor. After two weeks of use, I was ready to fly through the ground from one country to the fact the dentist, to thank him. I just did not believe that reduces the sensitivity of the day, that the teeth maintain their white-washed view, seem strong and healthy. It is not only the masses, for me, is salvation.

Now Denta Seal I've not muted and I even have a small stock at home (I'm so измучалась with the teeth, which appeared even the fear that suddenly the masses over, and I'm not going to be able to enjoy a new). All the friends and acquaintances, I not only told me that I should use this tool, but it has given all friends. The child and the husband of brushing the teeth only Denta SealI hope that this will help them avoid all the problems and torment, in which you had to experiment myself.

Despite the big employment, I decided to book a time to write this review, because this can change the lives of many people. Now at the dentist I'm only with the goal of prevention, because tooth decay simply does not appear and does not develop, therefore, only occasionally, do hygiene, and nothing more. I recommend it to all people, even with absolutely healthy teeth, take advantage of the masses Denta Seal. Believe me, your teeth will last for a long time, and the smile will be the snow white and beautiful!