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  • Васил
    Although I carefully ухаживаю your teeth, they are very fast-covered stone, from which yellow. The dentist advised me to try pasta denta seal as a prevention between cleanings. To my surprise, and it has been more than a year, and on a visit to a doctor is not necessary, although I usually walk in with a professional every 3-4 months. So, I recommend to all!!!
  • Виолета
    The fear before going to the dental office makes me very careful approach to the choice of the masses. Of Denta Seal I'm in ecstasy: the teeth of the good and the beautiful, transparent enamel has acquired a bright white color, and the crack in the first tooth of the sudden change of temperature became almost imperceptible. I'm going to buy another one, and for the mother are the buyer's responsibility!
  • Васил
    I noticed that walking to the dentist if made well, is not very frequent, and, from time to time, it was the treatment, and not only the solution of aesthetic problems. The doctor said that because of the lack of minerals from the enamel becomes thin, and a tooth – the helpless to the external effects of acids, that so quickly formed tooth decay is completely healthy teeth. The doctor recommended me to buy a collar denta sealand now I have no problems with the teeth. Even in the appearance of the teeth is noticeable that they are more strong and healthy.
  • Даниела
    About denta seal I learned with a friend – it helped get rid of the tartar. But I'm more interested in пломбирующий the effect of this wonder of the masses. I don't expect a super result, but for the sake of interest bought it, and spared not! Small defects (scratches and cracks), has completely disappeared, the sensitivity decreased and the transparent steel tooth white. So I advise you to buy denta seal!
  • Йорданка
    Before, many times I did the procedure of remineralization is a dentist, but after what I saw on the internet a comment about Denta Seal and I tried this mass, the need of such недешевой procedure is not more. In addition, the teeth of steel in a couple of shades lighter, and it was out of sensitivity. I am very pleased with the purchase! I advise everyone to try at least once, and then give up.
Comments Denta Seal