Integrated professional hygiene (cleaning) of the teeth

Health care professional (integrated shoes) of the teeth is a completely painless procedure, which consists of the removal of tooth deposits, ultrasonic removal of dental plaque using Air-Flow and the application of enamel dental fluoride-containing gels.

integrated cleaning

Removal of tartar ensures the normal circulation of blood in the space around the teeth, which, in turn, strengthens the gums and strengthens the support function of the tooth. The essence of this technique consists in the removal of tartar with the surface of the enamel of the tooth special ultrasonic vibration on the surface of the tooth. Specially selected the frequency and amplitude of vibration in the ultrasound Skyler. allows easily separating the tartar from the tooth surface, it is not harmful to the enamel itself. The fluctuations of ultrasound of the terminal have only one impact material of a certain hardness, and, as the enamel of the teeth many times more than the limestone, it is of such a treatment does not suffer.

1. Professional ultrasonic cleaning of teeth Skyler. includes:

  • removal of tooth deposits;
  • the removal of dental plaque;
  • the effective removal of subgingival and supragingival stone, with the help of ultrasonic vibrations;
  • a deep washing of periodontal pockets;
  • the polishing of the surface of the tooth with toothpaste.

2. The Procedure Air Flow

By itself, the ultrasonic cleaning is rarely used as a separate procedure. Most of the times it complements preventive procedure Air-flow. Air-flow is a jet of air, water, and soda, amenable in the cavity of the mouth. It cleans the surface of the tooth and the dark of the attack, making the teeth more smooth, or acts as a complement to the procedure of curettage of periodontal pockets (this is necessary in the case, when the teething stones are under the gum and attack the tissue, is not protected in enamel).

The Procedure Of Air-Flow:

  • it is useful for the enamel;
  • recommended for smokers, and also for those who abuse coffee, tea and wine;
  • removes the pigmentation;
  • is performed without contact;
  • insurance;
  • you do not need analgesia;
  • it has a pleasant taste;
  • gives a whitener (1-2 pitch), without the use of chemical drugs.

3. Fluoridation of teeth.

Natural the element fluorine promotes the correct formation of the teeth and prevents the formation of caries.

  • improves the hardness of the enamel in 10 times;
  • reduces the disease dental caries by 65%;
  • extends the useful life previously delivered seals;
  • reduces the probability of emergence of caries secondary;
  • reduces the hypersensitive neck of the tooth.

The doctor dental hygienist performs hygienic cleaning of the teeth and interdental periods, after which it is removed from the private scoop and filled with special drug, contains fluorine (for example, sodium fluoride), a spoon superimpose themselves over the teeth and kept for around 1 to 4 minutes.As a result of such complex treatment teeth have a natural color and smoothness that, in the last analysis, it slows down the speed of deposition of plaque and makes the teeth less vulnerable.