How to whiten your teeth quickly, the means for the bleaching of the teeth

In western countries, white teeth smile strongly associated with success.

teeth whitening

How to prepare for teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a procedure minimally, and at first glance is quite simple. However, and to her, there are indications and contra-indications, as well as some measures that should be taken in advance.

First of all, it is a visit to the dentist. Only he will understand if you whiten your teeth or you must first resolve the most urgent problems. It will determine the cause of the darkening of the enamel and give suggestions about maintaining the white.

As a rule, the effect of a procedure of whitening the teeth is maintained from six months to several years. Its duration depends on several factors, in particular smoking, consume coffee and tea, color of products: beets, berries, dark, a red wine. Especially important to comply with the so-called colourless diet immediately after bleaching, and within a week after it.


Children up to 16 years of age, pregnant women and lactating women teeth whitening do not. In addition, between the indications and contra-indications — increased abrasion of teeth, gum disease, dental cavities, as well as porting orthodontic. And orthodontic treatment with aligners combine with jaws whitening of the teeth is possible.

Relative contraindication is hypersensitivity of the teeth. However, here everything is solved individually. As a rule, before jaws whitening is carried out the preparation of the therapy and strengthening of the enamel, fluoridation.

In addition, before the jaws teeth whitening is a mandatory professional cleaning and the elimination of brush and stones. Without this, no bleaching will not be effective.

Home bleaching and Office — what's the difference?

Teeth whitening should only be done under the supervision of a doctor. But you can always choose which option is best for you: a serious procedure in a chair of the dentist or regular wearing a cap with the composition of bleaching of the house a few weeks ago.

What is different is, first of all, the concentration of active substance. For Office bleaching used tools with the content of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide 30%, or more, of professional home gel pets of the content of peroxide of 7-10% and carbamide 16% and 22%. This explains why it is more smooth and long lifetime of a process.

System for the professional home teeth whitening is best to purchase a dentist. If you bought in the pharmacy available for free as a bleaching session, be sure to consult your doctor before using it. Uncontrolled bleaching can cause hypersensitivity of the teeth, the occurrence of defects of the enamel, inflammation of the gums.

If the system that you bought at the pharmacy, not hydrogen peroxide or carbamide, and he can not not be money. The maximum that it is available — is the release of the teeth of plaque and polishing of the enamel surface. The teeth as a result of actually look more white, but count with the radical, the result is not needed.

In fact, even when you go to a professional for whitening in the dentist's office, it is not possible to predict the outcome. It depends heavily on the individual characteristics of the organism.

The advantages of home bleaching of teeth

As a rule, the home bleaching is cheaper Office pharmaceutical. This impresses the people to turn to him. But here lies the problem: if you are unsure of your discipline and will be able to use the mouth guard each day, morning and evening, because of the amount of time, then does not prevent him from choosing this method. If you are impulsive and can lose the session from another, and the effect telling to stay strong, the best, consider cabinet option.

On the people ways to whiten teeth

Unfortunately, lovers of folk medicine can only disappoint. An effective tool, which would have solved the problem of the change of the color of the teeth, the traditional healers. The fact is that the professional teeth whitening is not acting on the enamel and the dentine, located below it. Is your color and change. Enamel the same — transparent tissue, and, therefore, the bleach does not have sense.

Folk techniques of whitening are not able to penetrate so deeply and obtain the desired impact. To them, only the plate, they remove mechanically. A can of soda, activated charcoal and even calcium gluconate in tablets — in fact, abrasive, and quite hardy.

The hydrogen peroxide, purchased in the bottle, also should not try to apply as a bleaching tool. Professional gel of hydrogen peroxide is present, but its concentration is much lower. I remember the tools for the application home animals only 7 to 10% of peroxide of rest — care components, which allow the recovery of the enamel after exposure to the peroxide, reduce the sensitivity of teeth. The same water can be strongly burn the mucosa.

Of the recommended in the forums of home remedies for the whitening of insurance can be called strongly divorced, lemon juice, lemon zest, strawberry and strawberry a puree. But a severe change of color of teeth of them are not worth the wait.

The whitening of the teeth should be treated with all responsibility. This should be done under the supervision of a physician after a thorough study, including x-ray traded Funds freely in pharmacies, must also be applied under the supervision of a doctor, but folk techniques — and not to forget. Few securely and will not be able to make the white of your teeth, especially if you don't care about the oral health in a comprehensive way, smokes, drinks a lot of tea and coffee and forget about it regular — every two years — visits hygienist.