Teeth whitening at home — 5+ ways, which prove that it is possible to

The natural color of the teeth can be from white to yellowish, but, regardless of the original hue, the teeth can obscurent or change the color of a number of reasons.

The color changes can be of several types: superficial, проникающими or age.

Changes to the surface occur due to the intake of products, it is able to coloring the top of a layer of enamel.

This can be a tea or coffee, chocolate, or products, intensely dyed with synthetic dyes.

Very often in the composition of such products have components that are not only painted in enamel, but also to promote the formation of her micro-cracks, which also affect the hue of the surface of the tooth. a smile</1_img>

Penetrating change in the color of the enamel occur due to a long period of contact of the teeth with substances able to destroy and paint enamel.

The most frequent example of this option — darkening of the enamel in smokers.

Changes related to age, as is easy to guess the result of the influence of all the factors mentioned above, in addition to the natural wear of the enamel during life.


It should be noted that age changes are not related with the way a certain age — they can receive someone in his old age, and someone - in her younger years.

It all depends on the lifestyle, genetic predisposition, the frequency and the effectiveness of the oral hygiene.


It is dangerous to whiten teeth?

You can't say that there is absolutely safe and atraumatic method for teeth whitening.

However, this is understandable, because pent up the surface of the plaque need to soften and remove, and, therefore, an action truly effective of the composition you want-you don't want must have, at least to a certain extent, aggressive properties.

There is a category of people for whom the treatment is contra-indicated.

In the first place, is for patients with:

  1. extenuantibus enamel
  2. Dental caries
  3. Of intolerance or hypersensitivity to substances that are used during the procedure
  4. The increased sensitivity of the teeth
  5. With are arranged in visible areas of the tooth (or after the adjustment of the seals will have to replace more clear, so that they do not opponitur with the rest of the teeth)

Many times, the problems are not more whitening procedures, and the evil actions of man.

It is important to remember that the enamel, at least, and durable, in need of care.


And if you want to keep your health and the white for a long time, the impact of aggressive окрашивающих of substances (tobacco, coffee, tea, juices, acids) must be minimized, and the better to eliminate completely.

The best recipes for home bleaching, without prejudice to the enamel

Talking about the home bleaching pulps of teeth, we are referring to a procedure of adjustment of the enamel, as well as a whitening impact on the teeth aggressive media, which not only changes the color of the enamel, but also damage it.

Clarification the same process atraumatic, completely safe and only affects the surface of the teeth.

Of course, change the pitch in the case of methods are allowed will not leave, but the value of such methods in another, or — to save the impact.

But if you are sure that your teeth are generally healthy, and seals with no defects, you can try to lighten the enamel alone.

Remember that the effect is gradual and, by far, not so intense, such as after medical procedures.

A dense layer of a legacy of attack folk remedies will hardly be able to master.

Is not much trust in messages with photos in forums, comments on the bleaching pulps of the teeth at home, without damage to the enamel of a time in a variety of colors — this is impossible.

The effect is gradual and whiten the enamel only get 1 or 2 shades.

The Method Neumyvakina

According to the instructions of the famous professor, it is necessary to take half a teaspoon of baking soda and mix it with 15 drops of hydrogen peroxide and 2 to 3 drops of lemon juice.

This mixture is recommended to clean the teeth and the gums.

In accordance with the approval Neumyvakina, the composition has a disinfecting, vulnus sanitatem and obshcheozdorovitel'noy effect.

However, analyzing the composition, easy to understand, that all the substances in it rather aggressively affect the enamel, and the use of the methodology, care should be taken.

Lemon juice</3_img>

In the network you can find a lot of opinions about the recipes with soda, says over-bleaching pulps of the teeth in the home without damaging the enamel.

Most of them several exaggerate the effect of soda bleaching pulps, because the main action — abrasion.

That is, you simply Poloniae the surface of the tooth, removing the plaque. Of course, the teeth after this become more clear, but not very much.

Whitening toothpaste and toothbrush

Those who do not want to get involved with the preparation of formulations, you may be advised to purchase special tools for whitening teeth at home without damaging the enamel of the teeth in the form of creams or gels.

Before first use, make sure to ask how many times you can use them, because such tools have the greatest абразивность, and are not intended for use every day.

It is also a good option can be the use of dealba toothbrushes.

These brushes are most commonly fitted with rubber inserts, they clean well the tooth or even have in the composition of chemical elements, which soften the plaque.

However, the use of such brushes constantly, or is very active, it's not worth the risk of damaging the enamel is quite high.

Chemical cleaning strips and a mouth guard

What are tools for bleaching chemical in the house?

This is a mouth guard with гелевым filling or strips, which they put on your teeth.

Active chemical components of these drugs illuminates the enamel very effectively, however, it is important to remember that you choose by this tool only need to a dentist.

Independent of the use can bring more damage than benefits.

Properly chosen осветляющие strips are able to give an excellent result — this is evidenced by the numerous comments of people попробовавших in itself, this method of home bleaching the enamel of the tooth.

Chemical method</4_img>

The ideal is to consult your dentist with the request to compensate for personal albentes капу and clearly paint the timeline of its use.

The only way you will be able to minimize the risk of negative side effects.

Угольное whitening

The charcoal often enters into the composition of toothpaste, yes, and the forums are full of reports about the way it operates the activated carbon on the enamel.

The use of coal in bleaching pulps simply stretch some pills normal activated carbon, and the powder on the toothbrush (and your finger, rub it on the tooth surface polishing.

In fact, experts refer to the "carbo" the method of a skeptic, as well as to give truly impressive results in the short term, it may not.

However, this method is easy to be called a safety leader. Teeth whitening at home coal actually make it through without damaging the enamel. Of course, if you don't abuse and don't scrub the teeth of the coal masses of half-hour per day.

Clear-a mixture of brine

Mix in the honey and the salt to the state of pulp, mixed making the composition of the teeth and gently massage 2-3 minutes. Then accende intus stupam mouth with water and extergimus the teeth of a disk soaked in hydrogen peroxide solution.

Tea tree oil

The essential oil of tea tree — it is a way more easy and safe method of bleaching. Use it after a cleaning routine, simply causing the toothbrush a couple of drops of oil and rubbing it on the teeth and the gums. Like any other procedure, there is a recommended frequency, exceed the that it's not worth to use the oil can be no more than 2 times per week.


Lemon peel is used to lighten very simple — a piece of the peel to massage your teeth for 2 to 3 minutes, and then leave for 3 to 4 minutes and accende intus stupam the mouth with water at a comfortable temperature. Repeat this every day during the week.


In addition to the special funds, there are products that can lighten a little the enamel to regular use. In the first place, it is apple, lemon, strawberry, and strawberries. Useful for the teeth is also cooked corn on the cob, raw carrot, стеблевой celery and other juicy and solid vegetables. The modern dentistry, there are a variety of methods, painless to bring the teeth in order


Medical methods for whitening the enamel

If you are really determined to take advantage of medical methods for whitening teeth, carefully weigh all of the arguments as the "outside" and "against". In fact, such procedures can cause problems with your teeth — hypersensitivity, thinning and breaking of the enamel, the need to constantly repeat the whitening procedures. Also be prepared to prohibit the use of any of the brightly-painted products or liquids, otherwise, your smile can be white, and, for example, of orange, such as orange juice, the one that you like. For the bleaching the enamel dentists use ultrasonic cleaning and bleaching of concentrated solutions of acids or hydrogen peroxide, mechanical, through a mixture of air, water and cleaning product from dust, pressure and even laser whitening. Great popularity procedure photobleaching —polishing of the teeth, with the consequent coating special fluorinating polishers for the teeth. Choose the best method of tooth whitening that you can only dentist. I would suggest you to enjoy the most easy, effective and safe method of teeth whitening at home —to properly clean the teeth and tongue two times a day.