Teeth whitening: pets, pharmaceuticals, and professional methods

Each of us knows that this hollywood smile, is not only very beautiful, but very expensive.

Even those fortunate to have straight, white teeth of nature, which still must be carefully take care of them, and also of the time of use of the procedure of bleaching. However, the majority of us professional procedure in a dentist's office simply does not pay, therefore, the problem of "how to whiten teeth home alone?" very much interested many people.

It should be noted that, despite the low cost and relative simplicity of multiple methods of home bleaching of the teeth, they are ideal, but not all.

In particular, people with sensitive enamel or teeth shade greyish, as well as the holders of crowns for front teeth is more likely that they evil that will bring benefits.

In addition, they must be carefully fulfilling all rules and recommendations about a particular procedure, otherwise the result can be the most unpredictable.

So, what are forms of self-bleaching of teeth today there are, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Teeth whitening pharmacy means

These tools do have some advantages, the main ones are usability, and reasonable cost. The truth, in the course of your application must obey some important rules of security, otherwise, the result can be disastrous.

Dental bleaching


The most simple, safe and low cost, however, the most ineffective way.

Choose money of the masses of modern pharmacies is very large.

Most of them contain a compound of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda or other abrasive particles (for example, silicon dioxide), thanks to which it obtained the desired effect.

It is true, will help the whitening toothpaste is only for those who has the color of the teeth was changed due to an attack; the color enamel that she is not able to.

In addition, the use of this tool can be not more than 1 month, as well as a few masses are able to seriously damage the enamel.

Pencil to whiten teeth

According to the manufacturers, the pencils are one of the most effective tools which will make the smile of snow white after two weeks (maximum time of use).

However, if the reading of the opinions about the product that most users of it at all, not happy, and believe that it is absolutely useless.

In general, the pencil can be considered as a means to help maintain the white smile, as well as with stains of coffee, tea and cigarette smoking that he cannot handle.

Strips teeth whitening

The principle of operation of the stripe similar to a principle of action of the pencil with the difference that they contain a higher concentration of substances for bleaching.

So before using you should visit the dentist and make sure that the oral cavity is absolutely healthy.

In addition, in some cases, the use of the strips are marked some side effects - the increased sensitivity of the enamel, allergic reactions and even burns to the mucous membrane, while the color is not always smooth and homogeneous.

With the majority of the users have recognised this method is quite efficient, therefore, with the full compliance of all the rules, it allows you to whiten enamel in 3-4 tone about a month, and a white smile persists about 2 to 3 months.

The gel and the cover to whiten teeth


It is necessary the consultation of the dentist

One of the most rapid and persistent forms of whitening, however, due to the risk of burns and inflammations of the gums and are not recommended for use without a consultation with a dentist.

During the procedure of brightening gel to apply on teeth using a brush, or put a special mouth guard, pre-filling the gel.

The exposure time of the means of teeth depends on its composition, and varies between half an hour before 12 hours, and the effect persists for about 2 months.

Before using the gel we recommend to carefully read the instruction manual and strictly follow the specified orientation; otherwise, the result one can get the teeth totally destroyed the structure.

The System White Light

This method can be called improvements jaws whitening with the gel, because along with it and the kit cover and led lamp for rechargeable battery. Is it that active urea peroxide, the main component of the gel, which destroys stains on the enamel.

As well as the system is considered to be quite active whitening a using the your best under the supervision of a dentist, and before that necessarily pass through a complete treatment of the oral cavity.

If everything is done correctly, the result will be quite rapid and persistent - even up to six months.

Animals methods of teeth whitening

Pros of teeth whitening with home remedies lies in the fact that most of them have in any home or sold in stores and pharmacies penny.

As for the cons, then the desired effect, such methods can give only through a long period of time, and you can whiten your teeth in, at most, one or two tones.

In bleaching pulps of the teeth in the home can be used the following means:

  • Lemon (lemon fried);
  • The hydrogen peroxide;
  • Soda;
  • Activated carbon;
  • The salt of the sea;
  • Tea tree oil.

Ways to use them more or less the same: the tool should be applied on a cotton ball and uniformly treat them with the teeth, trying to avoid the gums, and then thoroughly wash the mouth.

In addition, you can mix, add to the normal masses, and brush your teeth in the usual way.

Homemade teeth whitening on any of the media it is not recommended to perform more than two times per week, otherwise, the teeth can become painfully sensitive.

The faster (but at the same time the most risky) is considered to be the bleaching with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and soda, mix until the consistency of toothpaste.

Professional methods of teeth whitening

The procedure of whitening, running in the clinics of dental professionals, are considered the most secure, efficient (allows you to lighten your teeth on average of 8 to 12 tones) and persistent.

However, there are they and a leading minus - high enough cost, due to the fact that similar procedures are available away from it all.

Mechanical whitening of the teeth


The method is based on the purification the teeth with abrasive particles, and is suitable for anyone who has the white color of the enamel of the nature.

Special cleaning powder that is served under pressure, fully clean the plaque, faq and deposits and stains from coffee and cigarettes, returning to the teeth their natural shade.

A smokers and coffee lovers it is recommended to pass this procedure at least once per year.

Chemical bleaching of teeth

It is more secure and rugged analog home bleaching with the help of a gel.

It is done in several steps, under the supervision of a professional dentist, making the risk of burns and damage to the enamel completely eliminated, and the effect can last 2 to 5 years.

Photobleaching teeth

In this case, the teeth once more, it is applied a special gel, which acts as a catalyst to light radiation.

The most popular system for the implementation of such a procedure is the Zoom system: the procedure only takes an hour and is suitable even for sensitive teeth and holders of a large number of seals, and the result is stored in approximately 5-6 years of age.

The truth, in some cases, is celebrated the so-called effect of "porcelain" teeth - the enamel becomes artificially white, that will go far.

Laser teeth whitening

The most modern, innovative method of bleaching, which involves the application of the laser. It activates the special chemical composition, damage to the enamel, making cleaning passes, literally, at the molecular level.

With it, you can lighten the enamel about 8 to 10 shades in one hour, and the effect, sometimes, is saved to 7 years.

The truth, before the procedure, you should totally eliminate dental caries, periodontal disease and other diseases of the oral cavity.

Finally, it is important to note that whichever method of whitening you choose, do not forget that one of them does not cancel the regular hygienic procedures of the oral cavity, as well as prevention of going to the dentist. Let your smile will really be of hollywood.