Teeth whitening at home without harming the enamel

There are several reasons to analyze the best home teeth whitening methods for people of various professions and social status. One is interested in economic benefits, while the other is attracted to the opportunity to form a neat image with a snow white smile.

Causes of darkening of tooth enamel

causes dark enamel teeth

Several factors are known to cause the appearance of dark aesthetic plaques on the tooth surface.

  1. Attendance in the diet of food varieties contributes to the darkness of email. This includes black tea, highly brewed coffee.
  2. Smoking habits. It manifests itself in an unpleasant yellowish or brownish bloom. Causes the fact that smokers start to be embarrassed by his smile.
  3. Lack of hygiene, which includes irregular tooth cleaning. The result is a gradual increase in plaque and hardening, which changes color to brown, yellow or gray.

The natural cause of tooth enamel whitening loss is old age.

Contraindications to the procedure

In the process of analyzing options and deciding to use traditional medicine for teeth whitening, note the contraindications to such procedures:

  • weak and thin enamel;
  • untreated caries;
  • allergies to recommended whitening products;
  • excessive sensitivity to dental emails.

The contents found in the open to be checked, when whitening with home treatment, will be visible against the background of bleached teeth, which will not add aesthetics to the smile.

Home teeth whitening products not only adhere to strict instructions, but also constant self-monitoring. If signs of increased sensitivity appear, immediately cancel the procedure.

Teeth Whitening Techniques

Opinions about the presence or absence of teeth whitening at home without harmful enamel and oral cavity differ greatly.

how to whiten teeth at home

It depends on the sensitivity of the enamel, the degree of contamination, the presence of diseases of the oral cavity, gums, teeth. Because of these factors, the effect will eventually be very different even using one product.

When you start whitening, visit your dentist for treatment and get qualified approval for the product of your choice:

  • One will choose mechanical bleaching with toothpaste, powder, and rinse.
  • One would love folk methods that use soda, salt, hydrogen peroxide, activated carbon.
  • There are also more modern techniques based on the use of special whitening compounds.
  • Nature lovers will notice the whitening properties of berries and fruits.

Among the proven home use techniques, it is easy to find a suitable option for a particular situation.

Whiten pasta, rinse, brush

Among the various ready-made hygiene products, the most popular are the types designed to whiten tooth enamel.

  • Toothpaste with abrasive insertion that encourages mechanical plaque removal. Application alternately by performing hygiene measures with regular pasta. Use is stopped after achieving the predicted results.
  • Rinse with the presence of hydrogen peroxide in the structural formula, making it possible to lighten the enamel to two tones. Do not apply for more than 2 weeks.
  • Toothpaste from a range of whitening compounds, which are quite aggressive. It is best to use it two to three times if you want to get a snow white smile quickly.
  • Special toothbrush with rubber coating or impregnated with chemical brightening agent. Often these are calcium carbonate crystals. There are also options for activated carbon brushes. The surface of the teeth turns white after several procedures. Please note that this procedure is not intended for long-term and frequent use.

After reaching the expected level of whitening, toothpaste with fluoride is introduced into the warehouse of hygiene products.

Chemical home teeth whitening

Currently, enamel chemical bleaching techniques are available for home use.

Whitening gel

Hydrogen peroxide added to a special tooth gel gives a gradual lightening effect. There are varieties that contain carbamide peroxide. These substances in humid environments enter chemical reactions with the release of active oxygen.

The gel is applied only to all whitening surfaces with a brush. To speed up the process, teeth whitening lamps based on halogen, LED, and ultraviolet radiation are used. In such a situation, the whitening reaches 8 tones.

Mouthwash in self-whitening

Teeth whitening with gels is increasingly done using special coatings in the form of grooves. This balance is filled with material and worn for a certain period of time (30 minutes or more) in accordance with the attached instructions. It takes up to 15 treatments to achieve the desired enamel whitening.

Bleach whitening

An easy way to enlighten is to attach a flexible strip to the tooth, one side of which is coated with a layer of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide.

The basic rule is that the plates should be mounted evenly and close to the surface. With daily procedures, the duration is 5 - 30 minutes.

Whitening pencil

tooth whitening pencil application

Tube pencils filled with attractive whitening gel for easy use:

  1. Rinse teeth.
  2. Wipe with a napkin.
  3. Cover with gel.
  4. Hold without closing your mouth for 1-10 minutes.

If the instructions indicate that the last rinse is not required, you simply close your mouth and the procedure is complete.

Security is only guaranteed with the proper use of chemical methods.

Using folk methods

In the popular recipe treasury, you can get safe teeth whitening, suitable for every particular case. As a rule, existing materials are used.

Activated carbon

By using activated carbon teeth whitening, significant relief can be achieved, but no more than 2-3 tones. Crushed tablets are used, where a wet toothbrush is dipped.

It is important to rinse your mouth clean after brushing, making sure that there are no pieces of charcoal between your teeth.


While practicing teeth whitening with baking soda, the product is used instead of pasta, placed on a toothbrush. Since baking soda does not taste good, it is more common to put a layer of powder on top of regular toothpaste. Such cleaning procedures are performed once a week.

Table salt

Fine table salt is used as an abrasive agent. The method of use is similar to the use of baking soda.

Hydrogen peroxide

Some folk method specialists prefer to whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide at home, as this technique is the safest. The concentration must be a maximum of 3%. After soaking the cotton with peroxide, the surface to be whitened is treated. Then the oral cavity is rinsed.

Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil for teeth whitening

Essential oils, the raw material of melaleuca (second name is tea tree), have antiseptic properties.

Able to soften plaque on tooth enamel, allowing easy whitening:

  • Use 2-3 drops of oil applied to the toothpaste applied to the comb during a regular combing procedure.
  • Add the same amount of tea tree oil to a glass of pre-boiled and cold water. The solution is used as a bleach.

Neumyvakin Recipe

The Neumyvakin technique is very popular, as enamel quickly acquires a pleasant whiteness. Based on reviews, many believe that this is a very effective teeth whitening at home, along with a refreshing breath:

  1. Prepare a mass of baking soda (half a teaspoon), hydrogen peroxide (10 drops), lemon juice (3 drops).
  2. Place the composition on a cotton ball.
  3. Treat gears from all sides.

Due to the healing properties of the wound, the gums gradually heal simultaneously with teeth whitening.

Any homemade tooth whitening recipe can harm the enamel if it is practiced for a long time. Follow the recommended deadlines.

Delicious whitening recipe

There are several types of berries and fruits that have a good effect on the teeth, restoring freshness and whiteness.

Zest lemon

Anti-inflammatory and brightening lemon peel helps remove dark deposits. It is enough to wipe the surface of the teeth with the inside of the skin after the evening hygiene procedure. The duration of the course is 10 days.


Fragrant and delicious strawberries will help whiten teeth:

  1. Crush until soft.
  2. Apply on whitening surface.
  3. Holds for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Rinse your mouth.


apples to whiten tooth enamel

If the plaque on the tooth is insignificant, the apple can solve the problem:

  • Chew the fruit slowly, spreading the juice to the surface.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm boiled water (glass) with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.


Chewing raw carrots not only removes plaque and whitens teeth, but also strengthens enamel.

When starting to whiten teeth, practice different replacement techniques to achieve a noticeable effect and not damage the enamel.

Post-whitening mode

After achieving the predicted results in the process of teeth whitening, for several days (optimum - for 2 weeks) is not fully included in the menu of foods that can stain enamel.

This includes saturated juices, coffee, red wine. Do not use:

  • carrots;
  • bit;
  • blueberry;
  • chocolate;
  • strong tea.

It is best to quit smoking. In order not to increase the sensitivity of the teeth, they restrict fermented milk, fermentation, pickles, sour foods.

To maintain the whiteness of teeth that have been achieved for a long time, do a good morning and evening toothbrush every day. The paste is selected with fluoride. The cleaning manipulation lasted at least 3 minutes. It is considered optimal - 5 minutes. At the same time, the tongue is cleaned, as well as the gums carefully.

After eating, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with mouthwash. Find a variety with whitening features. If not, you can do it with water. It is good for the teeth to end eating with an apple. Rubber is used, but do not keep it in the mouth for too long. It takes 2 minutes to clean the enamel.

The support of an experienced dentist at the beginning of a home teeth whitening procedure will allow you to avoid possible mistakes and get a snow white smile using safe methods.