Tooth whitening line - types and methods of use

teeth whitening pathways

A charming smile cannot be compared to anything. Someone immediately uses himself to communicate. It is very rare that tooth whitening is a genetic determinant. More often the teeth are some color darker than white. Smoking, drinking tea or coffee worsens the situation.

Advances in medicine make it possible to perform teeth whitening procedures at dental clinics and at home. Let's look at this issue.

In the clinic, bleaching is done with products with high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide - from 35%. They, depending on the desired level of whitening, are applied layer by layer to the cleaned teeth. The number of applications is individual and depends on many factors.

Special teeth whitening strips are used at home.

Teeth whitening line - what is it

This is a flexible and lightweight polymer plate with a layer of active ingredient - gel. The composition based on hydrogen peroxide H2O2 is used as an activator. These compounds penetrate tooth enamel and break down dark pigments.

Unlike dental procedures in clinics, strips contain a lower percentage of peroxide - from 10% and more, which makes it possible to use this method of enamel cleaning for a long time.

Modern preparations do not contain peroxide in its original form, but in the composition of urea - hydroperite. This reduces the negative effects of peroxide on the enamel. Fluogen halogen compounds are used as "helpers" in enamel recovery, that is, when carbohydrate peroxide interacts, the pigment that determines the color of the enamel is destroyed, and the oxidative effect of peroxide is compensated by fluorine.


Advantages of Tooth Whitening Strips
  • Comfortable whitening at home;
  • Concentrated peroxide, soft enamel;
  • Course application, which allows you to set the whitening end visually;
  • Cheap whitening options compared to clinical methods;
  • Long lasting whitening effect.


  • There are contraindications;
  • Dental cavity preparation is required;
  • Home whitening should be combined with a monitoring visit to the dentist;
  • If you wear dentures or resin or metal crowns, they are removed before whitening.
  • If a denture or crown, except metal, has a predetermined level of whiteness, healthy teeth whitening can cause color imbalance.
  • Sometimes the whitening effect may not appear.

Whitens the strip for sensitive teeth

Almost every set of dental bands shown above has a separate set for sensitive teeth. This is due to the gentle action of carbamide peroxide on tooth enamel.

The owner of this type of tooth should be careful about whitening and consult a dentist about the suitability of the procedure.

How to Use Teeth Whitening Strips

Before starting the course, it is necessary to do dental hygiene treatment at the clinic. This does not brush teeth with toothpaste or remove food debris with toothpaste. The dentist examines the oral cavity, the gum condition, removes the calculus and plaque.

If there are many caries or patches, you should check their condition. If you are prone to severe caries, whitening procedures should not be performed, as you will damage the enamel, thinning it. After the cleansing procedure, the doctor recommends or forbids the procedure.

If you do whitening without consulting a dentist, you can worsen the disease of the teeth and gums, causing irreparable harm. Without cleaning the teeth from calculus and plaque, the whitening effect may not be achieved.

Step-by-step teeth whitening with strands:

step-by-step teeth whitening with strips
  1. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. Before the procedure and perform oral hygiene.
  3. Remove the protective layer from both strips and press firmly, depending on the effect of the procedure, onto the upper and lower jaws. The finer and tighter the stripe on the tooth, the better the effect can be achieved on each procedure.
  4. Save strands for time, according to instructions.
  5. Remove each piece thoroughly and rinse your mouth clean and repeatedly.
  6. The procedure can be repeated if necessary.
  7. A full course repetition can be done no earlier than six months or a year later, depending on the individual characteristics of the tooth.

Where to Buy Teeth Whitening Strips

Like any medicine of a medicinal nature, it is recommended to buy this tool at the dental office. In this case, the dentist will advise and choose the whitening strip individually. Also, products from this range can be sold in specialty pharmacies.

You can buy the product on the manufacturer's website. Be careful not to reach duplicate sites that duplicate the actual website. On the packaging of the drug, there is always a link to the manufacturer's website.

Never buy funds that are clearly worthless. Quality whitening strips cannot be cheap. If you see an offer like that, most likely it is fake.

Perform Teeth Whitening Help

For most users with healthy and strong teeth and gums, strips help restore tooth whiteness or make it some lighter color. This procedure is simple, requires no skills and is done at any time.

Teeth whitening - doctor's opinion

Doctors have a positive attitude towards this procedure, subject to initial examination and control of the whitening process. If there are contraindications, it is better not to do this procedure.

Dangers and contraindications of teeth whitening pathways

Although there are aesthetic effects of whitening, complex procedures are contraindicated:

  • children under 18;
  • pregnant women;
  • sufferers of diseases such as asthma, allergies to certain medications;
  • people with a large amount of stuffing, weak gums, dentures, a lot of caries.